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Airable Paves The Way For Quality Audio

KEF continues on its path of high quality and innovative loudspeaker design with the legendary LS50 line-up. The new LS50 Wireless II active speaker system comes packed with high end audio technology and the latest streaming capabilities. Newly introduced is the KEF innovation ‘Metamaterial Absorption Technology’ (MAT), 12th generation Uni-Q driver and optimised signal processing take sound output to another clean and precise level. These advancements are a credit to KEF’s engineering paired with access to high quality audio streaming sources.

Co-operating with airable paved the way to HighRes streaming sources for the LS50 Wireless II, addressing the consumer demand for quality audio (see our recent post here). Through the use of airable technology, music services, internet radio and podcasts are seamlessly integrated into hardware and companion apps. “We feel that consumers increasingly care about stream and sound quality. The LS50 Wireless II reveal every detail of music while offering direct and intuitive access to streaming sources in the dedicated KEF app. We are delighted to work with the KEF team and to contribute to such a great product and its success.” says Heiko Meertz of airable GmbH. 

KEF and airable quality audio
airable paves the way for quality audio on KEF LS50 wireless II

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MAT: Metamaterial Absorption Technology

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