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CACHIP modules with airable internet radio

Shenzhen based design company Jinrui offers modules for consumer electronics, home audio and car audio applications under  their CACHIP brand. 

Internet radio functionality for these applications is now supplied by airable. 

Jinrui  develops high-quality services in chip design, system integration, software and hardware technology development and production support. Jinrui   provides  their customers with innovative, competitive, and cost-effective chip and product solutions.

The ‘always fresh’ airable radio catalogue adds more than 70.000 stations worldwide to the C920 modules for Jinrui Technology’s OEM clients. These products address the growing demand for music and radio of any genre, language or origin. 

The modules are available in high volume starting Q4 2023. Further information is available by Mark Yee.

About Shenzen Jinrui technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jinrui Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in integrated circuit design, system software, hardware design, and IC sales. It comprises senior management personnel in the industry, senior system designers, and senior software and hardware designers. The central personnel have more than ten years of work experience in design and management and have more than 50 core patented technologies independently developed. And obtained the “National High-tech Enterprise Authenticated Certification,” “Shenzhen Software Enterprise Certification,” and “Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise Certification.”  

CACHIP of JinRui Technology

Our company has more than 100 employees and core teams, including chip research and development, back-end verification, system integration, technical support, marketing, and quality control. More than 80% of all team members have a bachelor’s degree or above, and all have years of R&D and management experience; We are a professional team. Our members have many years of professional and technical background in chip design and system integration and are the backbone of well-known domestic design companies.  

The company’s main products are: 8bit MCU, 32bit MCU, DAB/DAB+ receiving module, Internet radio module, and CD servo audio decoding chip. And to provide customers with various types of home appliances, home audio, car audio, health electronics, DAB, and application technology services for consumer electronics. 

The company develops business opportunities and develops together with partners with high-quality services such as chip design, system integration, software and hardware technology development, and production support. Adhere to the business philosophy of “people-oriented, customer first,” and work hard to provide customers with innovative, competitive, and cost-effective chip and product solutions.

About airable 

Airable is a German based company with an international team of media and IT specialists. The company started in 2010 and quickly became a reliable B2B service provider for major brands in Consumer Electronics, Hi-Fi, Telecom and smart home markets.
The airable internet radio catalogue contains more than 70.000 radio stations worldwide, 70.000 podcasts. The airable API enables access to the market leading music services. About 9 Mio devices rely on the airable catalogues and API.

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