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It’s available: The all new Frontier Smart radio & podcast Portal

The new portal for Frontier Smart based devices is available!  The Favorites Portal allows to save favourite Internet Radio stations and Podcasts across all compatible Frontier Smart based devices, and enables users to save Personal Streams. 

Manage all your Frontier Smart based devices

If wanted, favourite Internet Radio stations and Podcasts are synchronized across compatible radios. Extensive lists of favourites may be sorted into individually created directories.

Sort extensive favorite lists in own defined directories.

Discovering Internet Radios and Podcasts, browsing the airable catalogues now is possible within the portal with search or filtering by language, region or genre. Information of internet radios streams are listed, such as codec, bitrate, reliability, etc.

Discover the airable catalogues by search and filters.

Detailed instructions are available in the the Favourites Knowledge Base article.

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