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67 minutes per session internet radio listening. Survey Q2/2015 published.

Survey on internet radio usage published by agma

German “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V.” (agma) today published the internet radio usage survey for second quarter of 2015.

57 publishers with 310 channels (internet radio offerings) and user generated radios offerings contributed data to this survey. The amount of participants doubled since the survey in March 2014.

Results in short:

103 million sessions (accesses) were tracked in Q2/15

About 75% of sessions (78.6 million) were simulcast offerings: stations available on both, broadcast and broadband.

About 25% of sessions (24.5 million) were internet only radio offerings.

67 minutes radio listening per session in average.

1Live is most listened internet radio stream, followed by Antenne Bayern.

See the detailed numbers here.

agma press release


Our Take:

We love to see the continuous growth of internet radio usage. Important that surveys like agma’s provide some planning data and scenarios on monetizing internet radio for networks and providers.

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